Notre équipe

L'Endroit Wellness is first of all the story of a meeting between wellness enthusiasts coming from different horizons.

After several years of shared experiences in hotel Spas, we wanted to get together to offer you privileged and intimate experiences in prestigious homes in the heart of nature.
We are surrounded by different experienced speakers, each one has his specialty, you will discover them during our training courses, our strength lies in the complementarity of our knowledge and in the passion that drives us!
Our partner teachers are yoga teachers, sports coaches, hypnotherapists, hiking guides, they will join our courses according to the proposed themes and your specific requests.

Diane Bernardin


Diane evolved in the world of wellness first on her own and then in various prestigious international establishments, later she specialized in the development and creation of 5* wellness centers (La Coquillade, Lily of the Valley...).

Her DNA? the creation of innovative concepts anticipating the changing needs of the population. It claims an authentic luxury and a tailor-made welcome.

In May 2019, Diane won a worldwide award for Best Spa Director at the Black Diamond Award in recognition of her career and achievements. At the end of 2020, her latest creation was awarded "Best Spa Retreat of France".

Sonja Kuikstra

Naturopath, autor and therapist

Sonja has been a health practitioner since 2006, she started with the creation of a bio photonic coherence practice in Geneva. She overcame Crohn's disease thanks to naturopathy, which convinced her to train in this practice.

In parallel to her activity, Sonja has been initiated these last twelve years to Chinese medicine practices such as traditional massages (Tui Na and Chi Nei Tsang), or energetic arts (qi gong, tao yin yoga and tai chi). In 2018 she receives her certification as a qi gong instructor according to the UTHS of Master Mantak Chia.

Sonja gives healthy cooking workshops in 5* hotels as well as consultations, massages, lectures and qi gong classes. She is also the author of two books: "The Secret of Everyday Fitness" and "4 Weeks to Regenerate Body and Mind".

More recently she created a range of natural cosmetics of French manufacture based on vegetable and essential oils "Nature4You".